Proceedings of the 22nd Computer Vision Winter Workshop

Walter G. Kropatsch, Ines Janusch and Nicole M. Artner (eds.)

Retz, Austria

February 6 - 8, 2017

Publisher: Pattern Recongition and Image Processing Group, TU Wien & PRIP Club, Vienna, Austria
February, 2017
ISBN 978-3-200-04969-7


The 22nd Computer Winter Workshop was organized by the PRIP Club and the PRIP Group at the Institute of Computer Graphics
and Algorithms at TU Wien. It took place at Symposium Hotel Althof in Retz, Austria, from February 6th till February 8th, 2017.

The Computer Vision Winter Workshop (CVWW) is the annual meeting of several computer vision research groups located in Graz,
Ljubljana, Prague, and Vienna. We want to communicate fresh ideas within the groups, and provide conference experience to
students. However, the workshop is open to everyone.

26 papers have been submitted to the workshop. Each of them was reviewed by at least 3 members of the program committee. 25
papers have been accepted, where 17 are oral presentations and 8 are posters.

A "Best Paper Award" with the prize money of € 500 (in cooperation with the Austrian Computer Society, OCG) was handed over to
the paper nominated based on the presentation during the workshop and the written paper in the proceedings. In addition, there
was a "Best Reviewer Voting" for the first time in the history of CVWW. The result was a ranking of the members of the program
committee, which should be updated and continued in future workshops.

The co-chairs of the workshop would like to thank the local organizing committee and the members of the program committee for
their work, support and feedback.

Walter G. Kropatsch
Ines Janusch
Nicole M. Artner

CVWW co-chairs



Walter G. Kropatsch
Ines Janusch
Nicole M. Artner

Program Committee:

Majid Banaeyan Janez Perš
Csaba Beleznai Roman Pflugfelder
Horst Bischof Axel Pinz
Wilhelm Burger Thomas Pock
Jan Čech Daniel Prusa
Luka Čehovin Christian Reinbacher
Ondrej Chum Peter Roth
Ondrej Drbohlav Matthias Rüther
Boris Flach Robert Sablatnig
Vojtech Franc Alessia Saggese
Stefan Heber Radim Sara
Martin HirzerAlexander Shekhovtsov
Vaclav Hlavac Danijel Skocaj
Matej Kristan Darko Stern
Christoph Lampert Vitomir Štruc
Vincent Lepetit Tomas Svoboda
Roxane Licandro Martin Urschler
Rok Mandeljc Mario Vento
Jiří Matas Ivan Viola
Martin Matousek Christoph Vogel
Mirko Navara Tomas Vojir
Peter PeerSebastian Zambanini


Invited talk: "Are we ready to use graphs in Pattern Recognition?" Mario Vento PDF

"Unsupervised Learning for Image Category Detection" Philipp Seeböck, René Donner and Georg Langs PDF

"End-to-End Training of Hybrid CNN-CRF Models for Semantic Segmentation using Structured Learning" Aleksander Colovic,
Patrick Knöbelreiter, Alexander Shekhovtsov and Thomas Pock PDF

"Loss-Specific Training of Random Forests for Super-Resolution" Alexander Grabner, Georg Poier, Michael Opitz, Samuel
Schulter and Peter Roth PDF

Invited talk: "Computer Vision - Mission Accomplished or Punk?" Wilhelm Burger PDF

"Pedestrian Detection in RGB-D Images from an Elevated Viewpoint" Christian Ertler, Horst Possegger, Michael Opitz and
Horst Bischof PDF

"LBP Scale Space Origins for Shape Classification" Ines Janusch and Walter G. Kropatsch PDF

"From trajectories to behaviors: an algorithm to track and describe dancing birds" Leonardo Oliva, Alessia Saggese, Nicole
M. Artner, Walter G. Kropatsch and Mario Vento PDF

"Automatic Stabilization of Image Sequences" Bertram Sabrowsky-Hirsch PDF

"Analysis and Calibration of a Mirror Setup producing Mirror-reflected, Multi-view Videos" Gianluigi Mucciolo, Barbara
Koneczny, Alessia Saggese, Nicole M. Artner, Walter G. Kropatsch and Mario Vento PDF

"Towards large-scale traffic sign detection and recognition" Peter Ursic, Domen Tabernik, Rok Mandeljc and Danijel Skocaj PDF

"Observation of Selected Human Physiological Parameters Using Computer Vision" Gregor Koporec, Rok Mandeljc, Vildana Sulič
Kenk, Goran Vučković, Radoje Milić and Janez Perš PDF

"Spotting Facial Micro-Expressions 'In the Wild'" Petr Husák, Jan Čech and Jiří Matas PDF

"Towards Dense SLAM with High Dynamic Range Colors" Sergey Alexandrov, Johann Prankl, Michael Zillich and Markus Vincze PDF

"Semantic segmentation for room categorization" Ajda Lampe, Luka Čehovin, Rok Mandeljc and Matej Kristan PDF

"Object Scene Flow with Temporal Consistency" Michal Neoral and Jan Šochman PDF

Invited talk: "Multi-Scale Molecular Data Visualization" Ivan Viola PDF